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Content Management System

This is the best and preferred type of website. Simply put, a CMS site allows you to have complete control over the contents of your website. This means you can update the site whenever you require, without having to pay expensive maintenance fees everytime you need to make a change. This way the site remains fresh, and will encourage your visitors to return again.

Each CMS site uses the same admin system, this means for a low cost you can have an advance admin control panel, as the development cost is essentially shared by everyone who has a CMS site. However the 'frontend' of the site that all your visitors see, will always be custom made to meet your needs and requirements, so that your site appears unique and fits your branding.

The CMS site has many features, some of them are listed below.

Friendly URLS - This means that all the pages although dynamic appear as a static page with the title of the page in the url address bar. This makes them human friendly, and thus easier to remember.

For example:
Standard URL - http://www.4thewww.com/page.php?page_id=1018&page_title=CMS%20Website
Friendly URL - http://www.4thewww.com/CMS-Website-101.php

(I know which one I would prefer)

Also it helps with your SEO as search engines prefer to crawl static pages. Also by having the title in the address bar, it makes the 'search spiders' think the page is more relevant, which will result in better and higher placements in search engine listings. However, if you ever change the title of the page anytime in the future, then through clever coding, any visitors using old links will automatically be redirected to the new version of the page. The page will also leave information for 'Search spiders' to update their index while maintaing the page rank of the original page.

Technical Note: This feature is only available on websites hosted on linux servers with mod_rewrite enabled.

Secure Website - This is cruically important today with the frequent and damaging abuse that many websites recieve from spammers and malicious bots (automated scripts which attempt to perform pre defined taks to take advantage of potential security holes). If your website is not secure, your website could be used to send out thousands of spam emails, that everyone hates. Not only will this affect your companys image, but, it could also result in mail servers banning your ip and domain name, labeling it as an open relay for spam. This could result in your legitmate emails not getting through.

On all CMS sites much care is taken to ensure that your site is secure and not vulnerable to such bots. Through clever coding we prevent automated scripts from operating forms on your website for unauthorised purposes. All data from users is carefully validated to ensure they do attempt to inject your website with bad data. i.e. SQL Injection attacks, Cross Site Scripting and Email Injection.

For more information about how we take security seriously, please feel free to contact us.